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Hello dear all,

Thanks a lot to Taosaur & Ghostyjack for their notification about our tagline problem. Yes we are french, I apologize for the english grammar which may sometimes occur throughout our communication. We are working hard in order to get the resources to fix this communication problem but for the time being this is still an open issue.

What's wrong with "Together, let's get the most of our readings" ? Should we write "get the most out of" ? I found that both were correct but maybe this is not true ?

Is there a bad pun in this tagline ?

By the way, I have the pleasure to announce a few things:
  • We have redefined our product line as follows
  • We have relased a first sharing option in Mantano Cloud.

Here are the details:

1/ The new product line is the following:
  • Mantano Reader Premium remains our "flagship product", including all the features that you already know (TTS, Notes, online/offline dictionaries,...). This is an app for very intensive readers, scholars and professionals.
  • Mantano Reader Essentials is a simplified product which provides less features and targets people who basically just want to read. Compared to the Essentials version, the Premium contains the following features:
    • The magnifier which provides more comfort for adjusting the text selections
    • A "My Notes" tab which allows to organize your notes/annotations or prepare revision sheets(useful for students, researchers or professionals)
    • Text To Speech
    • Graphical notes
    • Standalone notes (not attached to a book)
    • The ability to look up words in an offline dictionary
    • The ability to add notes to a page of a book (Essentials only allows to add text notes attached to highlights)
    • The ability to configure the gestures and key mappings (in the Settings)
  • Mantano Reader Lite, which is similar to the Essentials version, except that:
    • It contains ads
    • It does not have the "highlight mode", which allows to make many highlights quickly (without having to wait for the long press for each highlight)
    • It does not allow to edit the themes while reading Epub files.

The Mantano Reader Free becomes unsupported. Happy users of it are encouraged to choose amongst the new products.

2/ The new Sharing feature in Mantano Cloud

We started by a simple function: a user can now share a book and the related annotations with contacts. To share a book:
  • Click on the small "Share" icon close to the book cover in the Library
  • Select a set of contacts or enter their emails;
  • They will receive an email to notify them that you want to share a book with them;
  • They can accept or reject, from their personal space on the "Mantano Cloud" website;
  • Those whodo not have a Mantano Cloud account yet will be prompted to create one;
  • When one of your contacts accepts a book:
    • If this book is already in his Library in the cloud, the annotations will be shared: you will see each other's annotations;
    • If this book isn't yet in his personal Library, it is inserted inside and it remains accessible forever, even if you remove this book from your library.

This sharing allows to share DRM-free ebooks as well as DRM protected books. However:
  • If your contact already has the book, it will work as described above: the annotations will be shared and you will see each other's annotations;
  • If your contact doesn't own the book yet, he will be able to download your copy but of course he will get a DRM error message when trying to open it for the first time. If he purchases the book, then, again, of course he will be able to read it (this is rather normal...) and the related annotations will be shared.

This is hopefully the beginning of a whole set of sharing options. Our roadmap includes features such as:
  • creating groups, which can be extremely useful for teachers, for example;
  • sharing specific annotations or sets of annotations with specific contacts (individuals or groups).

We will also keep improving the web interface, and provide handy browser extensions such as "Send to my Library" contextual menu items.

Lastly, @Crusader: yes, we have fixed this boring problem in the latest release of Mantano Reader Premium, Essentials and Lite !

Thank you again for you support, and I apologize again for the sometimes gibberish english, I feel like a beginner in english now !

Best regards,

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