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Originally Posted by Booxtor View Post
Could you please check this:

It was recently published and I hope it is the stuff what you are missing.

If you think it is still incomplete please infom me.

Thank you for your tremendous work!!!
As you asked: Update on source repository issues...

CR3 still refuses to be built due to API problems:
Linking CXX executable ../../../../bin/cr3
CMakeFiles/cr3.dir/lcl_ui/line_edit.cpp.o: In function `ui::lcl_OnyxLineEdit::keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent*)':
line_edit.cpp:(.text+0x665): undefined reference to `ui::NumberDialog::NumberDialog(QWidget*, QString)'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
feed_reader is still missing the feed_action.h and feed_action.cpp files.

libcrypto (openssl) is still missing in the toolchain. (We know how to insert it - so it's more a nuisance than a real problem - and on a second thought, it could possibly be even an advantage, because it forces developers to use recent versions )

(that is: cp3 and feed_reader simply cannot be compiled - I have no clue as to whether the versions in the repository are up-to-date or not)

The kernel repository is missing a lot of crucial files
I'll attach a file list from a diff with the freescale kernel sources their kernel is based on.
Examples are:
initramfs_data.S initramfs_data.bz2.S initramfs_data.gz.S initramfs_data.lzma.S initramfs_data.lzo.S
(needed to build the initrd - these are the ones creating the first of a series of errors stopping kernel compilation )

I wonder why they removed them... some are indeed not needed (e.g., arch/alpha/*.S), but then again, neither are the remaining files in arch/alpha (which are included).
One could almost get the impression that they're making it explicitly hard to use the sources :-| .
Anyhow - the list of missing files is attached - they should simply add the full kernel source tree.

naboo_reader, gui_shell and system_manager are still closed source, but it seems very likely that these are not licensed under GPL anyway - so we can only kindly request access to these source (or a developer program)... I guess we'll eventually have to switch over to OpenBoox, since too many things cannot be properly done without the source.

W.r.t. the firmware: as I pointed out, I'd greatly appreciate the enabling of multiple gray levels for scribbling (I'd then update color_pdf_tools to interpret the gray levels as colors rather than hijacking the scribble styles). I deem this a very useful (and after all I see low effort on their behalf) modification.

One thing I'd be curious about: Does the naboo_reader rewrite also address the annoying space omission bug?

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