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Internal links, and Contents as illustration directory

Hi all Ė

Iíd like to mention an illustration located in another chapter, and allow the reader to click on its name to go to it.

Iíd hoped the code used by the Contents would allow this. Surely, if at some point in the code you have:

<p class="contents"><a href="#Preface">Preface</a></p> would produce a clickable example of ĎPrefaceí, which should take the reader to:

<a name="Preface">

This works in the Contents, but why wonít it work when I use the same structures elsewhere? It looks like itís going to work but transfers to the next new chapter after where it should have gone. :-(

Also, once Iíve solved that, how would it be to convert the Contents into a list of illustrations? Could it be called something other than Contents?

Iím using Calibre to construct e.g. mobi files from html and itís going ok.

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