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Good password vault app

I've had my Kindle for 5 days now and everything I know about it I learned from this forum. As a thank you, I'd like to offer up a good password vault app that will securely store your passwords and allow you to copy/paste them on Web sites and other places that require them. The app is KeePassDroid available in the Kindle App store. There is a good review of it here, and the Help Center is here

To install,

1. Download and install version 2.16 on your computer from here. Build the list of your passwords (it will import from several other programs). Upload this database to Dropbox.

2. Install KeePassDroid version 1.5 on your Kindle via the App store.

3. On your Kindle, go to Dropbox and open the KeePass .kdbx database that you put there from your computer. It launches KeePass on your Kindle and automatically opens the database in read-only mode.

The reason for the two versions is because the Kindle only supports v.1.5. You seriously do not want to enter all of your passwords via the Kindle keyboard, so the desktop version provides the best data-entry. I'm not sure why you couldn't install v.1.5 on your desktop, though, so that the database can be used on the Kindle in non-read-only mode.

To use,

1. Open KeePass on your Kindle and scroll to the password you need. When you select it, two items are created in your Kindle's notification area at the top of the screen. One is to copy the username and the other is to copy the password.

2. Select the notification to copy the username.

3. Go to wherever you need to enter your username. Long-tap to paste the username.

4. Repeat the process to copy/paste the password.

The reviews of KeePass convinced me that this was the most secure app to handle my passwords. I hope you find it useful.
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