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PDF to Mobi with text and images

I am new to ebooks. I got a Kindle 4 and this is awesome because I can view my PDF textbooks, search them, and take notes. However, searching and notes is very impractical with the soft keyboard, and I was able to obtain a Kindle 2 with the hardware keyboard. Unfortunately, this Kindle does not allow notes on PDFs. So I am looking at converting my PDFs to Mobi, and I need some kind of PDF conversion anyway so I don't have to constantly scroll left and right to read the book.

My first trial of the Calibre PDF to Mobi conversion simply removed all the images from the PDF. I have also tried k2pdfopt with varying degrees of success, but neither of these methods had a table of contents in the resulting output (the original PDF does have a TOC).

Copying the entire contents of the PDF and pasting into a Word processor does not copy the images, which I need because it's a math book.

What can I do to convert a PDF to Mobi, KEEPING the images where they were in the PDF, and KEEPING the TOC? I think I can get k2pdfopt to work enough to reformat the PDF for viewing on the Kindle screen.

If there are guides that describe how to do exactly what I need, please point me to them. I have already done more than a bit of research and haven't found what I need and I am out of time for the moment. Thank you!
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