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Question Kindle Touch Collection Management, Cyrillic Support and jailbreaking

Here is a resume of my problems:
Is there any way whatsoever to manage collection on Kindle Touch?
Is there a way to use Cyrillic on-screen keyboard?

I know this has been discussed a lot...because I have read through a lot of discussions about this and I am yet to find a solution to this problem.
So, how can I manage my collections on Kindle Touch? The best lead I have right now is something I have read about using let's say kindlean (that works with everything but touch) and transferring the collection like they are from another device. Does this work and can anyone give me a guide about this?

I have contacted the Amazon support and they said there is no way whatsoever that doesn't break the license agreement to manage my books from windows. This is...terrible.
Managing them from the device itself would not have been that terrible IF the books that were already assigned to collections didn't appear in the menu for adding/removing books from a collection.
Is there a way to view only the books that have not yet been assigned to a collection when adding them to one?

I...just don't get it. It seems I am stuck with the Kindle Touch because I can't return because I live in a different continent. So, I really need a solution to this problem. Preferably one that does not involve jailbreaking the device. Even if e jailbroke it would I have the opportunity to edin my collections? And what are the cons to jailbreaking? Is the warranty gone/account banned/no more updates/no Internet access etc?
It is just beyond me why they would make a device with 4gb memory when can not possibly manage more than one hundred files/books on it. This is an overkill, to put it lightly. And one due to...I have no idea why anyone would do such a thing? Why not let people manage something easily when it can be fixed in a very simple update?

And here comes the other very important issue I have. It is not a very common one. I need to search through documents written in Cyrillic. I bought the Kindle Touch because it was explicitly said that it supported Cyrillic. Having a Cyrillic on-screen keyboard is commonsense and is extremely simple to do. I was just shocked when I discovered there was no such thing. How is this even possible to oversee this?! It is a manipulation on the border of false advertising.
Is there a way to get a Cyrillic on-screen keyboard?

I appreciate that you read this whole post and I would be thankful if you offered any advice on these problems. I am sorry if this has been previously discussed, and it definitely was, but after spending the last three hours trying to find a solution to this I really needed to make this topic.

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