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surely you can use the sd rescue package, but why?
well as I said, i got a bit confused by your answer and was looking for an alternative, let me explain. You said
the full image won't help you with repartitioning. it's for backup purposes only. additionally, you will have to dump each partition one by one...
(I knew how to do the full backup, but was not sure how to dump each partition by itself.) but then you said
data partition and reader partition do not have to be restored. uppon boot, the reader will re-initialize them. all other partitions (system, fonts, etc.) are kept untouched. backup them one by one and then restore them one by one.
I was thinking well, I would only touch /data and READER. And upon reboot they would be re-initialized by the reader. So whats the point of doing any backup at all? Wouldn't it be easier to just delete - recreate - label - reboot? why backing up and restoring partitions i didnt even touch? On top of that I was going to start from a clean state anyway (cleanup/unroot->root->repartition) without any data on it i would lose. Thats why the rescue-packages came to my mind. They contain everything what has to be on the reader at that point.

have you ever used a partitioning tool to move / resize / backup / restore partitions?
Yes i have, but I said I'm nor a linux-guy. I used it to resize/move/create partitions on my external hdd and on my laptop. But the only filesystems I worked with are ntfs/fat/fat32. I never had to backup/restore a partition, I just copy/pasted the content...
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