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Received my M92: My impressions

Overall the build quality looks great. The Software definitely needs to improve.
Tried out pdf, chm and the experience so far has been very positive. Its just
been a day, and I've noticed two nits:

1) When unplugging from the USB charger, I first need to unplug the usb cable
from the wall charger and then after sometime remove the cable from M92.
If I do it the other way round the stylus won't respond.
2) If I leave it idle for say a minute, definitely not more than 3 minutes. The
Stylus won't work. I have to then press a button once or two before it will
start working again. Its like the stylus driver has been instructed of a power-save event.

Both are recoverable and only software issues. All good so far. Will keep you
posted if I find more issues. QA at office and un-officially for Onyx too.

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