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Originally Posted by Spiny View Post
Aha! That's worked. I set minimum articles to 1 & it successfully pulled them down, created the ebook & marked as read with no exceptions.

Sorry if I threw you a red herring, guess I should have picked that up from the code I think it's right that no ebook is generated if there are not enough articles, but don't know if there's a way of doing that without throwing an exception though.

I was going to debug through it myself, but only got as far as setting up Eclipse & PyDev & no as far as finding how to import the calibre libraries into a stand alone project. (I'm usually a C#/Java fella)

Don't worry! I talked to the developer and he JUST put the feature into the newest version of calibre. I just got back from vacation so I will be putting in the feature soon!

Honestly the recipes are not that complex. You don't need to build the calibre development environment at all since they are so easily loaded into the production app. I only use an IDE since I happen to already develop everything else in it, my first mods to the plugin were just done in a standard text editor.
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