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ok great thanks again guys, you're helping me alot
The only thing thats still a little unclear to me is how to backup and restore the individual partitions one by one.
Tbh i dont need any stuff thats on there, so why cant i just instead of the steps uboot listed:
so the steps are:
1.) backup extended partitions (logical drives, mmcblk2p4...mmcblk10)
2.) delete extended partitions
3.) recreate extended partitions with the first one shrunken by the size you wanna enlarge data partition
4.) restore extended partitions
just skip 1.), do 2.) and 3.) and flash your new 1.04 sd rescue after that? or boroda’s recovery pack? Not possible?

And i still have to decide which tool to use, since i dont have a paid partition tool, i was looking for a free one.
MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition 7.1 was my favourite, but i also got Paragon Partition Manager 11 Free Edition now.
Both should do the job, right? Any opinions?
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