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Thank you for your answers!

I downloaded Paragon Partition Manager 11 Free Edition. Is there any advantage using that tool over MiniTool Partition Manager?

do you wanna brick your reader with no way back?
Noo! Thatís why i made this thread! And yes, I read all the threads u mentioned and check the wiki on a regular basis. Thanks for setting it up and keeping it nice and tidy btw
As I said, im a very careful type of guy when it comes to modding my stuff, so I ask firstÖ If I get confident enough to do this I also plan on adding a how-to to the wiki, so other non-linux-guys can repartition their device, tooÖ

So here is what I gathered from your posts and what my plan is now, please correct me if I screwed up somewhere:

0.1 delete all apps and stuff from internal.
0.2 do the disable-asec package from rupor to uninstall the app2sd android feature. (wonít need it after repartitioning)
0.3 use borodaís recovery pack to go back to stock and unroot
0.4 do factory reset to clean up everything
0.5 install latest rupor AMR package

1. go to recovery using the rupors backup and recovery SD card. (copy files to sd card, reboot + holding home + menu until the bar reaches the right)
2. plug in usb, choose NOT to format if windows prompts me , install drivers (gserial.inf)
3. backup the whole internal memory using the tool rupor used in his thread (Roadkil's Disk Image)
4. shrink the READER partition

Now im not sure anymore:
5. enlarge the /data partition (I plan to have it around 500MB). I see no point in enlarging /system.
- rupor and multiprose posted something about /system and /data being connected in some way, or not being resizeable? So I canít simply enlarge the partition like I would do with a fat32/ntfs partition?
delete system and data, created a new blank ext3 partition with size of my choosing and then simply restored the data partition on top of the blank. then restored system to the remaining free space.
So thatís how to do it? If so, next question comes to my mind. Ruporís tool backs up everything at once resulting in one image, right? So I canít restore individual parts of it. So I do it like this:
5.(?) delete /data (and /system partition (I have to delete both?)).
6.(?) make new, bigger /data partition (ext4) (and new /system partition (ext2)) -> according to the picture from rupor i attached... I plan /data to be around 500MB and would not touch /system if I don't have to...
7.(?) restore image created in step 3
8. disconnect usb. remove sd card. reboot. done
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