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Thanks - I'll try the 5.0.0, sure. But from the name of them ssh is not enabled in diag? I should still try and might be able to enable ssh from diag?

How about that:

fastboot.exe flash diags mmcblk0p2-kt-5.0.0.img
fastboot.exe flash kernel kernel-5.0.0.img
- boot diag mode, enable USB
- copy data.tar.gz to usb
- copy mmcblk0p1-kt-5.0.0.img to usb
- create
#! /bin/bash  # i need that line?
dd if=/mnt/base-us/mmcblk0p1-kt-5.0.0.img  of=/dev/mmcblk0p1 bs=1024 # location right?
restart & pray

Want to make sure the 'flight in the dark' makes sense.

(I've non routed IP's on my kindle and never connect them to non-home networks, so updates is no concern. The reason I went to 5.1.0 was that I had reboots every 10th suspend to screensaver or so, was hoping to fix that)

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