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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
You can boot to other modes by using MfgTool (from the "select boot" thread linked in the "simple debricking" sticky).

You can change the bootmode from fastboot to main using the fastboot tool, or you can change the bootmode from a diags SSH prompt or script (idme -d --bootmode main). Both methods are documented in the "simple debricking" sticky.

There is no need to start a new thread. You should have added it to the "simple debricking" sticky thread. For that matter, you would not have needed to ask for this help if you followed the instructions in that thread first.

Please read this link:

Then go read the "simple debricking" sticky thread at the top of this forum (including the linked threads and other references).

Then if you have questions, post them in that thread (not here). You will understand our answers if you do your "homework" first, but the information is complete enough that you will probably not have any questions after you do your homework. The number of downloads of forensic image files is far larger than the successful debricking reports, indication that MANY people successfully debricked their kindles on their own using the information that we provide here, without needing to ask additional questions. You can do successfully fix your kindle yourself too. Just follow the instructions that we provided.

We are glad to help unusual cases where those instructions are not enough, but please do not waste our limited and valuable time by asking "Frequently Asked Questions" that have been answered many times.

But especially, we do not need new threads for old "worn-out" topics.

Hi Geekmaster,

I try to use the mfgtool on Win 7, however, it said, please connect device. I found that Windows 7 couldn't find my kindle even I followed the Magic Key steps. The windows 7 can't recognize the KT as well as its USB storage. Seems the KT is totally turned to a brick.

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