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OK so here's a situation for you.
I have a Kindle Touch, I did the jailbreak on 5.0.3 and all was good... installed the screensaver hack, all good.
Until last week when my Kindle did an OTA update to 5.1 while I wasn't looking.

I've read around and am aware that 5.1 breaks the screensaver hack, some have said that removing the hack fixed the problem. So thats what I did. Only it didn't fix anything. Still no screensaver love.

SOOO (and now I regret doing this) I uninstalled the jailbreak and updated... then did a reset thinking that might do something. Nada. Now I'm stuck with a non JB Kindle that apparently has no functioning screensaver. The device still works, so it's not bricked, just a little handicapped.

Anyone have this issue? Any idea what can be done?
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