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Question Questions about repartitioning

Hey Mobileread!
Long-time lurker, first time poster here...
I want to repartition my internal storage and got a couple of questions, hope u can help me

Before i start, i want to make clear that i read and learned alot about tweaking my T1 thanks to u guys.
So first off a big And another big thanks goes out especially to rupor. LOVE ur work!
Currently im running rupors AMR package with the apps2sd package on top.
The main reason why i want to repartition the internal storage is that i cant move many apps to sd (8gb external sd) with the android-feature and i hate the link2sd crap. Generally im very careful with my gadgets and before i do any changes i make double-sure that i dont make mistakes.
So here it goes:

1. I am not a linux guy. So at first i thought, nah, that repartitioning is not for me, but then i read this in rupors "backup and rescue thread" here:
However, it is possible using commercial software to completely change the size of data and system partitions never typing Linux commands are not entered into the terminal and using the calculator. The whole process takes 5 to 10 minutes and does not require a doctoral degree in yuniksologii and skriptografii. Requires Paragon Partition Manager Pro 11, the common sense and possession of a mouse. In this device is pretty hard to kill ...
I dont speak russian, so i have to follow rupor with the "help" of google-translate... which often gives me headaches btw...
So rupor, if u read this, or somebody else can answer:
Can i use MiniTool Partition Manager or any other free tool to do the job?

2. When repartitioning with a tool, i have to be in recovery mode, right? The easiest way to get there was imo to run the @TestMode tool on the T1 and select "boot to recovery". Maybe im too stupid but i cant start the tool using rupors AMR. Its there, i see it in the android settings, but its not on the page 3, so i cant start it.

3. When repartitioning with a tool, I first shrink the READER partition, then I enlarge the data and system partition as i like, right?

4. Do I have to do a backup first using the method of the thread i mentioned? I dont care about anything on my internal storage, got all books on the sd card. Will the reader still work as before after the job or will the partitions be wiped? Can I install the Sony FW after the job and then re-root? And what about future Sony updates? Will I be able to install them after repartitioning or not?

So thats it i guess, any help is appreciated. I would really like to do it, i just dont feel like i know enough...
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