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Originally Posted by yuryfdr View Post
Great idea. PocketBook may produce new accessories - music stand and reader guitar holder. :-)

but I have a problem with 603 and 2.0.4 fw. chords with frets is drawn good but no text rendered.
I'll have a look.
Perhaps try another font with (textfont : DejaVuSans) or so?
Emulator has got different fonts than device and perhaps your 603 with 2.0.4 has different fonts than my 903 2.0.6 ?
It is really quite amazing how different programs act on emulator and on real device.
For example "FullUpdateHQ()" crashs on device but not on emulator.
PBChord works well on emulator but sometimes does funny things on device.

Do you have some hints about what to avoid or to do about this?
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