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I have one of those too. It's my first ereader, and love it. It came as a mistake: I was supposed to receive Libre color and they sent libre pro. But had no problem keeping it: it's great, handles DRM protection with no extra problems, and being as simple as is, can also load photos and mp3 sound great with a good pair of earbuds.
Most readers or tablets do a lot of things but ereaders goal is simplicity. They do what they do: show books. I'd also love to try the new barnes and noble with led light ereader.
Screen on this is really good. As I posted elsewhere here, the main trouble with small ereaders is when you load a pdf that is made of full scanned pages of a book. When it's in the ereader native formats, this device fells a champ. Battery is really good, that's nice too... And the screen makes you forget about it's an electronical device, even my wife that she self-defines as a "paper lover" found this little champ surprisingly useful when it came to convert her notes to pdf to study for three important tests she had... (I use dopdf or Infix)
I Hope I'd be as useful with this few thoughts.


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