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Originally Posted by Spiny View Post
Didn't work I'm afraid, see attached error log. I also tried removing all videos from my pocket. It seems to be marking unread articles as read successfully though.

This is REALLY WEIRD but I'll get to the bottom of it. The function to mark articles as read isn't called until cleanup, IE after the articles have been passed back to calibre's renderer for making the epub file. AFAIK cleanup should never get called since the book was never generated. If this isn't the case then I should be able to put in a work around to make sure articles aren't marked if the book isn't successful.

The actual exception you are getting thrown is the "Not enough articles". This means that the number of articles that it is able to pull is less than the amount you have set in for minimum_articles (it defaults to ten).

Can you set minimum_articles to 1 and then find out what these two articles are? They are the two articles marked as read, or at least it claims it marked as read.
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