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Touch Landscape with 5.1.0?

So, I have had a Touch since it came out. I installed a couple of the jailbreaks to get Landscape. When they worked they were great but sometimes it would landscape and sometimes not. When I heard that 5.1.0 would have landscape, I was joyous. When 5.1.0 became available, I downloaded it. It would not install. I got error .006. I went through the process with Customer Support a couple of times. Finally they said they would send me a new one. Hard to complain about that.

So, now I have 5.1.0. And landscape is not available in the browser. Which is where it is most often needed. Annoying.

I know you want me to search but mostly what I get is discussions of what I had done before and complaints about what works and doesn't.

Simply, is there a way to enable landscape mode in the web browser under 5.1.0? (See, I even used a question mark.)

You guys are doing wonderful stuff. It's just hard to find/filter/translate.

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