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That's a good clarification. In my case I do have a Kindle Touch and also keep a few books on my Xoom tablet and Android phone. I either copy them directly using the USB cable or use the Calibre Library app to browse and copy for the moments when I don't have the Kindle handy. I use the Kindle Reader app on the phone and tablet when I read there.

Just checked and I have not made any changes to the Kindle 2/3/4/Touch Device Interface plug-in.

So if I copy (.mobi) files directly to a device like my phone via USB etc. are the page counts included in the .mobi file? I usually convert everything to .mobi, even my Amazon purchases but I have a significant library of other .mobi books as well. Any difference between a file copy and using the Calibre Library app to browse/download books? I ask because I'm much more likely to just copy the files to the phone's kindle directory rather than messing with browsing the library from the phone. Typically from time to time I'll check what books I have on the Kindle Touch and make sure to get the same ones on my phone and tablet. Location numbers vs. page numbers still make me a little crazy and it would be so nice to just have page numbers for everything I own. For those days when furthest read page doesn't sync it's much easier to recall I was on page two hundred something than location 87321


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If you are using calibre's "Send to device" functionality (which as you have Kindles you should be) then you *don't need* this plugin. The same functionality is built into calibre (unless you have disabled it on the Kindle plugin). See Preferences -> Plugins -> Device Interface plugins -> Kindle 2/3/4/Touch Device Interface -> Customise.

This plugin is only intended for users who are doing the "Save to Disk" approach to exporting books (presumably running Kindle reader software). And in that situation the apnx file is *not* automatically generated by calibre, so they would use this plugin to supplement the output with the apnx files.
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