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Is PDF reflow really a priority?

Originally Posted by virgilash View Post
Pdf reflow
You can get already get pdf reflow yourself by converting pdf to epub using one of the third party tools available. This way, you can control it yourself to do anything any of these tools can do, instead of relying on a Kobo implementation.

I bet you might say that the third party tools do not do a good job! Exactly! So why would you expect Kobo to do significantly better? In fact, it is nice the way it is, where users can turn pdf into a reflowable format any way they want to. Problem is, none of these ways available are good enough. Getting Kobo to add its own way is probably not going to help very much.

Do you really need pdf reflow? Would you be satisfied with an easily settable even/odd page zoom to cut the margins, and a very nice easy to use tap to advance or go back in document command, just like with epubs, so no panning required, ever, for typical documents? (See my other posts).

Pdf reflowing in general seems very difficult. One does one do with headers and footers and footnotes and margin notes? It is hard to cleanly extract them since pdf does not usually contain enough syntactic markup, only lexical markup. Pdf unlike epub is really not even designed to sensibly reflow.

It would take a lot of work to do a good job and it is not clear what a good job even is, so that many might still complain.

I strongly believe the correct thing to do is what I have described above and elsewhere, especially because IT IS SO DARN EASY to do!!
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