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Finding hidden errors in MS Word file

Originally Posted by Hitch View Post

@cjallan: No, it doesn't solve the problem as I see it; creating a TOC by "hand" using Word, to me, is extra work, when one can simply use html heading styles and auto-create one (not only in MBPC but Sigil, as well). From our standpoint--at Booknook--we use various clips/programs to then convert the ncx into an html toc, which we "plunk" into the ePUB just prior to conversion via Previewer/KG, which is our weapon of choice. Again--strictly from our workflow--creating TOC's by hand, particularly for plain fiction is just a lot of "makework," when we can easily regex the chapter headers and do it "auto-magically," but for those working in Word, yes, I can see how it might solve your problem for your noobs.

I still, however, being pig-headed, stand by my statement that MBPC isn't "fixed" with that workaround. Good to see ya, by the way, away from the rabble!

I clean up with Word, and that works well most of the time, and I prefer to "clean up", rather than resort to "clear all" -- which gets rid of all clutter, but also cleans out needed codes -- but I had a file some time ago with errors that eluded detection.

I wondered how you might have handled it... how would you have found, and how would you correct errors such as this:

I "attempted" to attach a scrap of the file, showing the error, but am not sure it stuck.

It is copied below... although of course the different text does not show in this message, but it does describe the problem.

Text from file:
The day Angel came for him, Walter Winkler was standing with Leggs outside the Mary Magdalene Shelter for Homeless Youth. They were watching Medic One pull away with Abra inside.

The word “outside” in the sentence above, was a correction entered by the author, using a different font (11 pt Times) from the font of the existing text (11 pt Calibri).

The font of the word “outside” is actually slightly smaller than the rest of the sentence, but being “almost invisible”, it was not noticed until after the book was published… then was found by a purchaser of the book.

How would you find errors like this?

One error, of course, is not a problem... but how would you handle a file that has many errors such as this?

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