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Economist for PowerPC Macs

In synopsis, I want to download The Economist using Calibre 0.7.28 and Python 2.7.3, and I would be grateful to any kind-hearted person who takes the time to direct me to a solution. Further details follow.

I very much wish to download The Economist, to which I have a subscription, using Calibre. Unfortunately, as my Mac has a PowerPC chip, the latest version of Calibre that I can use is 0.7.28. However, I do have Python 2.7.3, and I have been able to successfully download any other news source I have tried, so it seems very likely that there is a way to do the same for The Economist.

I have been using the Economist recipe from , which seems to be the latest version, and the error message I receive is "ERROR: Invalid input: Could not create recipe. Error: cannot import name OrderedDict", which is similar to the error I receive when using the built-in recipes.

From and it seems that using OrderedDict with collections might be something introduced in a later version of Calibre than the one I have, but OrderedDict seems to be something in Python 2.7, which I have, so perhaps Calibre is not using that version of Python on my computer, or perhaps I need a "collections" file.

If you can suggest an amendment to the recipe mentions above, perhaps that patches over the use of OrderedDict, if you have can tell me how to ensure that I am using Python 2.7, if you can tell me how to get a collections file, if you have a complete recipe I can use, or if you have any other advice, I'd deeply appreciate it were you to post a message.

Thanks in advance.
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