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Hostar & Geekmaster - thnx for help and quick reply!

I try your advice - here is all procedure:

First - I started MfgTool and connected kindle (using magic button to enter in Diags mode).
On kindle:
D) Exit, Reboot or Disable Diags
then F)Fastboot Bundle Install.

After that i started inf-wizard.exe and make "Kindle.inf" file.
This time VID/PID was 1949/D0D0.

Then - open cmd and start fastboot.exe:

fastboot getvar serial
- getvar:serial FAILED (command write failed (No error))
finished. total time: 0.000s

So, i tryed to install geekmasters inf file. I just copy that file into my generated "kindle.inf" file. Installed new inf file, and started fastboot again - same result.

see pictures.....

I'm sure I'm so close to the right answer..... can't figure out where is mistake.

image link
kindle fastboot inf installed....

image link
VID/PID is 1949/D0D0...

image link
Fastboot failed.

Any clue?

Geekmaster: thnx fot avatar idea!
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