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Device: kindle touch
Hello, guys.

I bought two Amazon Kindle touch devices in USA (WIFI only - not G3).
I'm in Europe now, so I cant sent device back for replacement. One kindle has been bricked while performing update (Other is updated and working).
I had no Jailbreak.

I followed the advice in the forums and read posts by people with the same s problems.
One part of the work I was able to do alone, but I'm stuck in the process.
Need help.... So - this is my situation.

system - Win7 64

I was stuck on "need repair" screen, but I manage to bypass that with "data.tar.gz" and "" script. After that kindle was stuck on "tree screensaver".

With "Mfg Tool" I managed to get into "System Diags".
After that I created "kindle.inf" file with "Inf-wizard.exe".

But if I try to Fastboot - I'm stuck on "waiting for device".
I cant use Geekmaster inf file (because im on 64 bit system?) - or I'm doning something wrong.
So, in attachment you can find pictures, and screenshots - and maybe u can find the way to help me?

and - sorry for bad english!

image link

image link
I use "INF-WIZARD.exe" to create inf file....

image link
This is "inf-wizard" procedure.....

image link
I can't use Geekmasters inf file...! Maybe because of 64 bit system? Or i do somethig wrong here?

image link
Anyhow - with "inf-wizzard" inf driver installed - in CMD, when trying to make fastboot - stuck on "waiting for device"....

Obviously doing something wrong.

And finaly - ultimate question:

image link
How do I know which one is suitable partition or kernel version?

I hope you'll soon realize what I'm doing wrong and help me to fix frikin Kindle, because im trying for days now different techniques - without success.

Thanks in advance...!

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