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Hey guys, first post here

Finally decided to register, after years of lurking - ex-owner of Kindle 2, currently using Kindle Touch.

I have several questions about the font hack and using alternative fonts.

My KT is FW 5.1, jailbroken, with kindlet jailbreak, font hack 1.3 and libfreetype 6.8.1 successfully installed. I got some fonts from the wiki, changed the sans-serif to Trebuchet, all good.

The main reason I've jailbroken my KT is to be able to change the condensed font option. I find the serif and sans fonts good enough, but I'd like to fit more text on the screen. Sadly, the default condensed font is not to my liking (not readable enough and not condensed enough).

Of the fonts on the Wiki, only DejaVu has a condensed variant, but I find it a bit light. Question 1: anyone has a modified, thicker variant of that font, or maybe the ability to make one?

I tried with other fonts I own, like Din Text Condensed and Helen Condensed. The problem with those is they're a bit small on 9pt and too large on 11 pt. Question 2: is there a way to set the size to 10 pt for those fonts? Or maybe edit some config file and alter the scale of the font, if that is at all possible?

Question 3: is there a way to alter the leading (line height) for each font?

in advance!
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