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PBChord - Your Guitar Companion - beta

Hi Folks,

it's christmas again...

I implemented a Guitar Lyrics-with-Chords program based on the legendary program "chord" and a successor named Chord4.

It is a kind of songbook, that takes songs as simple textfiles containing lyrics and chords mixed up like:

{title: Funny Song}
{subtitle: The Threetels}
This [Am] is a [C] funny [F#] song.

You can load either a song (".crd") or a file list (.txt).

For several songs in a list (file containing full pathes/names) my program has got a Table of contents, where you can hyperlink (with stylus or keys) to the songs.

Simply make a folder "PBChord" on your PocketBook
(e.g. under /mnt/ext1/PBChord) and put appended files inside.

Program is just a beta so far, some bugs (and some "conceptional" problems) are known.
Quick Zoom +/- and Settings do not work by now.

But I want to show you the actual level.

Be free to try and feedback.


you can use some commands to format text:

{textsize:24} or {ts:24}
{chordsize:22} or {cf:22}
{monosize:20} or {ms:20}

{textfont: DroidSans} or {tf: DejaVuSans}
same for monofont and chordfont.

{title:A Title}
{subtitle: A Subtitle}

{new_song} (for more than one song in one ".crd" file)
{signature:/mnt/ext1/PBChord/xyz.bmp} (a little signature bitmap)
{signature:Jack London} (a text/name as a signature)
{define: D4 base-fret 1 frets - - 0 0 3 -} (defines a chord additional to the built-ins)

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