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Hey Vlad59,
Thanks for the update! I have been currently trying to run your script in conjunction with THIS OTHER ONE written by Chaley. His only does the website without an opds catalog, while yours had the catalog but nothing for browsers.... with your powers combined!

I'm happy you are working on a solution for browsers. The other script I mentioned had similar requirements to yours with the addition of the Smarty Template Engine. It also supports search which is a big plus to me. I was able to install both scripts, but yours has refused to cooperate with me!

I use the MegaReader app for iOS devices for navigating my opds catalog. When I use your demo feed, everything works fine. But when I use your version 0.2 script on my catalog I get two main errors...
When I try and perform a search I get this message:
Catalog Error. Communication problem. Try again later.
And when I select a book to download I get:
Catalog Error. Download error. Could not complete book download.
Another oddity with my catalog is if I enter the URL for the search directly like this I get an error page that says:
Fatal error: Undefined class constant 'PAGE_OPENSEARCH_QUERY' in /var/www/OPDS_renderer.php on line 54
But on your demo website it will perform the search as expected. I'm not sure if this is because I'm running Apache and you are on Nginx, or because I'm running version 0.2 and you might not be, or maybe because I have that other script running as well?

The first thing I will try is to upgrade to version 0.3 and see if my problems magically go away. Wish me luck!
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