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image conversion; stylesheets

Hi Luke, Thank you for writing Writer2ePub LO plugin. It is wonderful tool. I have a couple of small issues that I would like to have you consider for future versions.

1) I try to use .png images, but Writer2ePub always converts to jpeg; I thought epub spec also supports .png. Maybe Writer2ePub could support .png?
2) Writer2ePub *always* scales the jpg image down by 72%. It is distorting image quality. If I have a large image of 1092px wide, it scales down to 784px; if I first use a photo editor and correctly scale my image to 784px before inserting it into document, then Writer2ePub scales it again down to 562px. I would like to have more control over image size and scaling when using Writer2ePub. Because I want to charge money for my ePub book but right now image quality is so poor. It will be too much work to use Sigil to change hundreds of images everytime I run Writer2ePub!
3) Writer2ePub seems to assume what the size and width of the ebook will be, and scales the images down to that. I want more control: I want to use OO/LO page format to determine size and have Writer2ePub respect that size and not scale the images.
4) In Writer2ePub preferences, I have checked: "keep working files" and they show up. I want to be able to make changes to the stylesheet and have Writer2ePub use those changes in the stylesheet in the working files and NOT create a new strylesheet each time I run Writer2ePub.

thank you
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