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Some formatting issues with ePub...

Hi all, I've got a few issues I'm hoping the community can help me with...

I'm attempting to convert .Mobi ebooks into .ePub files, and despite all the settings I've played with in Calibre's conversion screen I can't seem to get things quite right. I'm viewing my (ePub) ebooks on a Nook Simple Touch using the stock reader "app", function, or whatever; and viewing the .mobi files with the Kindle app for android (the Nook's been rooted). Please let me know if further background info is necessary.

So, my issues are --

First - So many words are hyphenated now! Almost every other line ends in a hyphenated word, which is obviously quite annoying. Even words like 'num-ber' or 'real-ize' which are (at least in my opinion) too short to be broken up. This does not occur until I go to read the ePub file. How can I just make is send the word to the next line? I've tried the justify text option, the heuristic unwrap lines option (even though I'm not sure what that does), and the heuristic remove unnecessary hyphens option. All to (seemingly) no effect at all; everything appears exactly the same.

Second - Any time there is a 'properly' italicized word (as in, done by the publisher, not Calibre) it double spaces the line. Kinda weird. Also tried a few of the options in the conversion process to fix; all to no avail.

Third - A minor complaint, but if someone knows a fix I'd be happy to hear it; the Nook's ability to adjust the spacing between each line seems to be taken away by the Calibre-created ePubs. Margins, fonts, and text size are all still adjustable. At this point, I stopped trying to fix things on my own, and... well, here I am. xP

Sorry if this stuff in not explained in a concise, intelligent, or technical enough sort of way, but my English isn't great and my technical knowledge is negative 3 on a scale of one to ten. This is all kind of over my head, so I would appreciate the "like you're talking to a child" kind of step by step explanations, please. =)

Thank you!
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