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Lets be clear, I like everything about the Odyssey apart from the dark screen. If it had an infra-red interface I would have kept it as my only ereader.

Am I correct in thinking the Odyssey has greater control over the text formatting of an ePub sent via Calibre? I read somewhere that with the Kobo margins and justification cannot be changed if the ePub goes via Calibre. My experience seems to agree with that.
No margin control on the Odyssey though.

The Kobo is leaving space at the bottom of the page where text could go. You think you've reached the end of the chapter ..but no.

Does anyone else find e-ink screens unnerving when it crashes but you've no idea because the text still displays? We could come up with a name for the moment you're trying to move to the next page but you're interacting with a brick. :-D
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