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Originally Posted by Hitch View Post
Hey, CJ:

(Hitch waves at CJ)

It also doesn't solve the problem of what to do for those folks who work with external stylesheets. Now granted, the average MBPC user probably doesn't; but we frequently use MBPC as a training tool in-house, so all our people, of course, start out with external CSS--which, you can see, obviously be resolved with the infamous MBPC "workaround" that gets kicked around on the KDP forums, which is to fill in the attributes, etc.

It's clear that Amazon is phasing MBPC out, which is (sentimentally) sad; as I said, we only use it now to start training the utter noobs, and not on any live books, but it was a nice tool while it lasted.

Thanks, Hitch...

I have not forgotten that you and I have discussed this problem many times in the past.

BUT... as far as I know, the info Mike offers now is new...

The Microsoft article does offer a way to make IE 9 look like IE 8 to Mobipocket... which would solve the incompatibility problem.

It does not need to solve the TOC problem, because it's better to use the MS Word TOC, anyway.

I realize this conversation happened a few weeks ago but it addresses a problem you and I both want to solve... and Mike appears to offer the solution.

I think the reason the previous discussion did not reach a successful conclusion was that the participants were trying to create their TOCs with Mobipocket, which doesn't work in this case.

I don't know html well enough to modify the html files, so I came back here hoping one of the html experts would dive in and explain how to do that.

As you know, I write for the total newbie... so whatever is easier for them, that is what I want to describe for them.

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