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Device: Kobo Vox
Resetting to Factory Settings Error.

I am in the process of dealing with Customer Service at Kobo to resolve a problem I am having with the Vox I bought for my wife who is new to e-readers and the Internet in general. At first I thought the problem may have resulted from something she had or had not done. That turned out to not be the case.

We have had the Vox for about 6 weeks now and have been using it to read, access her Facebook and G-mail accounts as well as watching YouTube videos. During that six weeks, on at least 7 occasions, we have received an error message that said "Kobo encountered and error while starting and will reset to the factory settings". This means having to wait while it resets and then wait again while it downloads new software and then wait again while it installs it and then reset the time and wait while it downloads whatever books were in her library. Of course it forgets saved account names and passwords but does remember and keep and pictures or videos in the "gallery".

When we first got the Vox we noticed that the sound was very faint and the volume switch on the side had little affect on the volume level. Recently, that problem has corrected itself and at the highest level, the sound is quite adequate coming from the on board speaker.

In my initial communication with Kobo it was suggested that perhaps we were touching the volume control at the same time as we were pressing and holding the power switch on the top of the device. Apparently this is an undocumented way to reset to factory settings. Since we have the Vox in a case that resembles a leather book cover, we thought that was a possibility. The problem occurred twice since that suggestion and on both occasions we were paying close attention to how we powered up the device. I have a feeling it may be related to the volume control but is an intermittent problem.

In any event, at their request, I have emailed them information pertaining to the purchase along with my full contact information and copy of the cash register receipt and a picture of the screen of the Vox. Apparently the want the picture so they can be assured that the glass is not cracked.

Now we wait. So far, response has been fairly quick. Any thoughts from anyone or suggestions?
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