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I bought an Odyssey recently and immediately realised the screen was unacceptable. The reason it is darker and has less contrast is because they have put a capacitive layer over the e-ink screen rather than an infra-red touch interface that all other manufacturers use.

Think about it, light has to pass through the plastic for the capacitive layer, bounce off the e-ink screen (that itself has a plastic layer on top) and pass through the capacitive layer for a 2nd time. Don't know if mine was a new version but it had a button on the bottom that was not recessed so I kept accidentally switching it off as I held it.

Bookeen made a mistake choosing the Sipix screen for their last ereader and they made a mistake this time choosing a capacitive touch interface. It is all rather sad because I liked almost everything else about the Odyssey, very cool case design.

I bought a Kobo and installed the Kindle font on it and I am satisfied for now. That is my other criticism, how come Amazon realises that an e-ink screen needs very thick fonts but other ereader companies don't?

Can't believe Bookeen are making really obvious mistakes with the hardware design. If they change the interface to infra-red then I'll be buying one.
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