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Exchange-Science Fiction/Alternate History

My science fiction novel Exchange is available in Kindle and Nook editions along with a variety of other e-book formats, and in dead tree format.

Here's the blurb: What if random “Sidewise In Time”-style time-quakes became routine catastrophes, sort of like earthquakes and hurricanes? That’s the setting for my novel Exchange, except that the time-quakes (I call them Exchanges) always involve the same alternate reality, one where humans died out in a long-ago bottleneck and the fierce old ice age animals survived.
The Exchanges mean that your town may end up on the wildest of wild frontiers with three hours warning, and it may stay there for weeks. If you wander off the little piece of our reality you came in on and the Exchange reverses, you’re stuck in the alternate reality.

It’s a rich and unique setting for a story, and I tried to make the story do it justice. Computer guru Sharon Mack’s daughter is kidnapped and taken into the alternate reality. She has to fight through street gangs, escaped convicts, a cult and the fierce alternate reality animals to get to her daughter. She also has to cut her way through layer upon layer of deceptions, in a world where nothing and no one is exactly what they seem to be.

Exchange is available on Amazon's Kindle, the Nook. and in a variety of other formats.
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