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Originally Posted by SeaKing View Post
It seems according to this article that Americans, at least, have the TV on all the time no matter what they are doing, even reading a book. Also it says that the current large screen TV's in the home would be difficult to displace as Apple did with other not so advanced and not so thin devices. The current TV devices are already, advanced and thin. So where does the "new" Apple TV go? This article gives an idea of that strategy.
But briefly, Apple TVs go EVERYWHERE!

Apple's TV: Petite Glass in Every Corner of Your Home
By Ben Kunz on May 03, 2012

"Much has been written about the forthcoming Apple TV—not the current teensy box that streams Netflix (NFLX), but the real thing, an actual television set that analyst Gene Munster predicts will hit the market by year-end. Munster peruses the nitty-gritty details of Apple’s (AAPL) suppliers to try to divine what gadgets are being put into production before the official "

"Third, consumers want to watch video everywhere while multitasking. Recent studies by Nielsen (NLSN) show that for most of the day, except for prime time in the evening, consumers watch TV while doing something else—texting on phones, typing on laptops, folding laundry, skimming magazines. More than 1 in 5 U.S. adults have read a book on an e-reader. Younger demographics in particular are watching video via Hulu and YouTube (GOOG) on computers. We want more screens, and we want to do other stuff while watching, so why wouldn’t Apple sell pretty little panels to spread throughout our homes?"


I am really not ready for this onslaught!
neither do i
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