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Originally Posted by chaley View Post
How does the content of the metadata file you wish to update differ from the existing .metadata.calibre file? That file contains calibre metadata for books in the folder, and is maintained by the existing driver.

If it is a difference in format, then wouldn't a converter be easier to write?
Format, yeah, probably less information too. Converter-wise, the file exists so it'd either have to be a two way conversion or I could just not care about what's in the calibre file. Either way I'd want this to be automatic as the whole point of this plugin is convenience (there are other ways of getting the book into the directory and updating the metadata file). However, there's likely to be other changes too (where to put thumbnails, directory structure etc), so a device plugin is probably the way to go.

Edit: If you really want to maintain a second metadata file, then you would add an override of sync_booklists. Write your metadata file, then call the method in the superclass (USBMS).
Nice one, I'll look into that.

I do appreciate the answers. I think I have enough to get me going.
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