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Hi Kovid,

now that I am the proud owner of a fully chinese-enabled PRS500, I finally had the chance to really try out library management with Calibre. Most important finding:

There is nor real sync-feature. I can send books to the reader, but when I delete them, they will still stay in the reader's memory, so I have to delete them twice; changes in metadata are not automatically synced, etc.
=> having syncable playlists (or collections, or series, or whatever) would be really helpful to stay organized.
Maybe on could add a default setting for any book to be synced to internal memory/SD card automatically, e.g. whenever something changes.

As you might have guessed from all my previous questions and suggestions, I read a lot of short, read-and-delete news articles, mostly created with BookIt. It is really difficult to stay organized without the possibilty to delte files directly on the device and without automatic syncing, e.g. like an iPod does with iTunes. I cannot delete files on my iPod either, so I have smart playlists to find the podcasts I've already listend to, so that I know which ones I can delete. I wish there was a similar way to keep my PRS500 tidied up with Calibre.

For now I reverted to a ChronoSync action for my news files, so they won't clog up my Calibre library (twice). But I have to remember which articles I've already read and then delete them from my HDD, the deletion will then be synced with my SD card the next time it is connected to my Mac. Not a perfect solution either. Why does everything have to be so complicated? ...



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