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Folder "device" plugin - suggestions?

Hi, was wondering if somebody who knows their way around Calibre could give me some hints. I've looked at some of the documentation, but Calibre is quite a large project so it's hard to say exactly how things will work without quite a bit of study.

What I'm aiming for is pretty simple: Have a folder interpreted as a device, much like the built-in "connect to folder" functionality except there will be a metadata file in the directory that I'll have to update when a book is added or deleted.

I'd like calibre to detect the directory itself, but ulitmately if the user has to "connect to folder" and calibre just recognises the metadata file itself then that'd be fine.

Thoughts? I've been looking at the DevicePlugin class but it seems to be heavily geared towards USB. Really I'm just looking for somebody to list ideas or places to me so that I can investigate them.

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