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Kindle Touch SSH access?

Hi guys,

Apologies for a new post on this, but I've tried searching the forums and I've been bothering geekmaster too much for his own good. Apologies for this irritating messages! The problem here is that my kindle could not successfully update to 5.1 and then got stuck at the diags screen. So what I did is follow the unbricking guide, and first flashboot the device to get mmcblk0p2 ssh on to it.

Then, in order to get mmcblk0p1 onto the touch, I learnt that I would have to gain SSH access to transfer it onto the other partition. Here lies the problem. While I have been able to install the NDIS drivers, and adjust the IP address of the connection to be a static, and at the same time enable USBnet on my kindle in diags mode, when I try to use putty.exe to connect to the kindle, I get the "connection refused" dialogue. What am I doing wrong, and if so, what steps do I need to take? I apologise, I am running windows 7, and I really need some hand holding down to root ssh access.
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