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Originally Posted by dre95060 View Post
Young man, I have been a hardware engineer for more than 30 years. Let me give you a piece of advice: Do not live your life in fear of lawyers. There is a reason God gave you balls. Use them once in awhile.

Here is the hack I want. It has nothing to do with DRM or Whispernet:
I have no clue why you think I have no balls because of lawyers. I said Amazon has a standing offer to de-authorize access to all the ebooks you've bought from them for your Kindle if you hack the platform in a manner they don't like. No mention of lawyers, they just send the kill order and zap!

Do I believe them? You bet. They've zapped digital content I've purchased from them before. I have no doubt of their sincerity this time either.

Why the datum about 30 years hardware engineering experience? It doesn't add to the discussion since it seems even with that background you can't hack it yourself Daddy-O. Or are you stating that because you have 30 years experience you'd actually be able to pay the $500 clams, or was that USD, or EUR?

And again, why do you think reaching in and grabbing the screen contents isn't a violation of the DRM system? Someone could use the hot key code you mentioned to feed "Next Page" keys into the Kindle book viewer app and then scarf down all the screens for a book onto a storage card. A bit of OCR and poof: DRM free content.

In any case what are the other details of the offer?

Are you planning on paying by Paypal? Or some other means? A meet at Starbucks and five Benjamin's under the table perhaps?

Since the payment is over $200, will the hacker be required to fill out a W-9 and return it to you prior to payment? After all, you're legally required to file a 1099-MISC to report the payment to the IRS to ensure the Hacker is paying their income taxes.

In addition, is the Hacker required to send you a copy of their Social Security card or Employment Authorization Document ( to prove they are legally entitled to work in America? Or does your lack of respect for the law extend to hiring illegal workers?

Or is your offer open only to Hackers physically located outside the USA?

And speaking of employment, what proof does the Hacker need to present to prove they don't work for "Lab126" as you require?

Are you indemnifying the Hacker from legal action if Amazon zaps your content or the content of anyone else that uses the code?

Will the code ownership transfer to you, remain with the Hacker or do you expect it to be open sourced? If open sourced, do you place expectations on where it is hosted?

If your Kindle hardware has to be replaced does the Hacker have to re-install the code on the new Kindle?

If Amazon upgrades the software on your Kindle and the code breaks does the Hacker have to fix it and re-install it? Or if you Kindle is rendered incapacitated by the upgrade process does the Hacker have to help you repair your Kindle? If the Kindle is un-repairable does the Hacker owe you a new Kindle?

Is there a time limit or expiration on the offer? If you decide to sell your Kindle and purchase something like a CyBook is the offer still standing?
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