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Solution found!


Thanks for the replies.

See Update Settings for FBReader 0.8.14. You would need to modify the registry support and put all your DRM-free .prc files in individual .zip files, and in addition you would update ui.xml to use the "Times" font.
Wallcraft, this is actually exactly what I did, and I got it all successfully working.

However, it was precisely this setup that I was describing in my initial post as being far, far, too slow. Far slower than the inbuilt mobipocket viewer.

Wagnerian, thank you for the hint in the right direction. I have been playing all evening and now have full proper Serif font support in the native viewer, all in the superb Times New Roman font!

So how did I do it?

It is a little bit of an ugly hack, but here's how:

1. I made copies of, then opened up the respective Times New Roman, Times New Roman Bold, Times New Roman Italic, and Times New Roman Bold Italic fonts in a font editor (I used FontCreator 5.6, available on a 30 day free trial) and altered all the font metadata to precisely match the same metadata in the original Bitstream Vera fonts already installed on the Iliad.
2. I renamed the altered fonts to precisely the same filename as the respective Iliad versions.
3. I copied them across overwriting the original Iliad font files (I obviously made a full backup of all the original Iliad fonts as well, to be on the safe side).

Nothing else has changed, the Mobipocket viewer just uses the new font files instead

Looks so much nicer - no more horrible Sans Serif font.

With this trick you can use whatever font you want, just make sure that it is a "full", proper font family in TTF format, with all the available variants. I imagine "Times" on Linux systems would be a good nearly identical option too.

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