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Side loading books to a Kobo touch problem

Just got a Kobo Touch and am having a really difficult time setting the thing up.

I'm using Calibre 0.8.49 as my ebook library manager.

When I send any of the books to my Kobo, on the Kobo rather than displaying the book's title as the title, it displays all the values that were the tags in Caibre.

Tried everything I could think of to try to fix this, but no luck. Googled to see if anyone else had the problem, but was unable to find anything similar. The only thing that worked was to delete all the tags in Calibre, but that is far from ideal, as I may want the tags and it is too time consuming.

Has anyone got any idea what's going on, as the way it is, it is a complete deal breaker for the Kobo.

Also - when I loaded 5 Dan Brown books on to it, after deleting all the tags, only 1 of the books came up with the name and book cover as shown on Calibre. Deception Point was renamed "Presidents - Election", The Da Vinci Code was called "Freemasonary" and the others had other names that I can't fathom where they came from.

Any ideas on this one?

Why can't things just be simple!!

Oh, and hello everyone. First post here, tying in with getting my first ereader today.

Edit - It would seem both these problems just happen for .mobi files, but not epub ones. Guess I'll be converting my library then!!

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