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Originally Posted by EricLandes View Post
I may have removed my Kobo a bit too quickly from its USB connection, and now I'm stuck on the black "Connected and Charging" screen. Paper clip reset attempts are not working.

Any magic combination of button/slide presses that might get me out of this? I don't think it's a dead battery issue, as the battery was near full before I plugged it in, and it wasn't connected for long.

i had a similar problem. Screen locked and green charging light was on (battery was about 1/4 charged). Left it for 24 hours but no change, tried 4 different cables, mains charger, 4 different USB ports, soft reset, hard reset but nothing worked, tried all the previous again for 2 consecutive days and still nothing. The green charging light was always on when connected.
Eventually (carefully) prised the back off, disconnected the battery, re-connected it after a minute, replaced the back and - hey presto, good as new! Did a factory reset just to be sure and it seems to be fine now. Back cover comes off by inserting a thin blade as a lever, but as with any electronics beware of touching or shorting any of the components.

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