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Originally Posted by Beryll Snyder View Post
Actually I live by the motto: to the thinking person life is a comedy - to the emotional person a tragedy.
Okay, something constructive: in the Jetbook thread an Android discussion has started ...
Even at the danger of falling prey to a troll :-)...

As a background: I have been buying a Sony PRS505 when it came out, then an iRexDS1000, and now ordered an M92. I need to read A4/letter PDFs and annotate them with my scribbling, exporting everything into the PDF file for academic reading/reviewing.

I have seen more than enough vaporware announcements to only believe what is available on the market. Back then when I bought the iRex (whose hardware promptly broke after a few weeks just as iRex went bankrupt), everyone recommended to wait for the much-hyped PlasticLogic, which was just around the corner. They had announced it already!

I defer to Wikipedia, but this is the rough timeline of it:
  • The firm was founded in 2000
  • First factory opened 2003
  • Announced device on November 30, 2004
  • 2009, raised more than $200m in venture capital
  • August 2010, they had cancelled their QUE proReader
  • 2011, receive another $700m in venture capital,
  • as of April 13 2012, the e-reader was unavailable for sale.

There are plenty more examples like these, so I'd rather have a device that I know exists than one that lives in the land of unicorns. ;-)

Is the software development process tedious and suboptimal? Heck yes, everyone thinks they need to reinvent the wheels and produce their own SDK where apps only work when developed for this SDK. I'd love to be running Android on my eink device, but given that most eink manufacturers (but Amazon and B&N/MS) are small fish, they don't have the weight or financial endurance to pull this off on their own. I'd rather recommend that manufacturers rally around a common project like openinkpot or whatever to pool their resources, but somehow I am doubtful I will see that in my life time.
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