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New user here. I've rooted my Sony PRS-T1 (bought in March) thanks to this wonderful message board and now I've achieved almost everything that I wanted: I now have a decent RSS-reader app + a low refresh rate + Tapatalk (app to read forums). The only thing i'm searching for is a way to remap the page turn buttons.

I read this topic and tried to understand what to do, but when I get to the gpio-keys file, I don't see buttons 105 & 106.

I see: 28, 103, 126, 108, 125, 102, 357, 158, 114 & 115.

I've already tried changing the ones with DPAD_UP, DPAD_RIGHT, VOLUME_UP, VOLUME_DOWN to SPACE but nothing happened. Then I tried adding 105 but no result as well. Normally this would stop the function in the web browser, no?

Can someboy help me with this matter?
Thx in advance.

Edit: nvm => reset did the trick

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