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PRSAnnots: Managed annotated PDF files for your PRS-T1 or PRS-T2 (& maybe others...)

My PRS-T1 has been a great tool for reading and marking up papers in PDF format. But I wanted a way to get PDF files back off the the reader with the annotations on them, so I could review them on my computer. I couldn't find a tool to do this, so I wrote PRSAnnots.

There are several scripts included, so you can choose your prefered workflow. I wanted to be able to add a PDF to the reader, annotate it, and have it automatically synced, with annotations, back to my computer. This ability is provided by the annotation manager script, prsam. If you prefer a graphical interface, prsam-tk provides some of the same features with an ugly GUI. And if you just want to get a annotated PDF off the reader, use getannotations. All of the heavy lifting is split out into separate libraries, so I hope others can build even better tools.

  • Get PDFs with both highlighted and freehand annotations. (Text notes attached to highlighted annotations are supported, thus far drawn notes are not.)
  • "Dice" multi-column PDFs into subpages for easier reading and marking on the reader, and reassemble them back on the computer.
  • Run the PDFs through Ghostscript (if available) to produce smaller files that the reader can handle more easily.

PRSAnnots has been developed on Linux, but it should be cross-platform. I've done a little bit of testing on Windows, and I think things are working. But please let me know if you run into problems, either here or on the bug tracker, and I'll do my best to straighten things out.

Right now, this will only work with a Sony PRS-T1 or PRS-T2. From what I gather, the previous models store the same information, but in a different format. It shouldn't be too hard to support them, and I'm happy to assist in getting them to work. I don't know what the situation is with other brands, but I'll give what assistance I can.

PRSAnnots is released under the LGPL. I hope it's useful for you, but if it's not perfect, you can hack on it yourself. I'd love to see native GUIs for Windows and Mac and GTK and Qt, if you feel like building them.

Please check it out and let me know what works and what doesn't.

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