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Hey there, good job getting so far
However on my Pocketbook 622, there is a problem with daemon quitting right after key auth. Error log:
Accepted publickey for reader from port 22276 ssh2
debug1: Entering interactive session for SSH2.
debug1: server_init_dispatch_20
debug1: server_input_channel_open: ctype session rchan 256 win 16384 max 16384
debug1: input_session_request
debug1: channel 0: new [server-session]
debug1: session_new: session 0
debug1: session_open: channel 0
debug1: session_open: session 0: link with channel 0
debug1: server_input_channel_open: confirm session
debug1: server_input_channel_req: channel 0 request pty-req reply 1
debug1: session_by_channel: session 0 channel 0
debug1: session_input_channel_req: session 0 req pty-req
debug1: Allocating pty.
debug1: session_pty_req: session 0 alloc /var/dev/pts/0
chown(/var/dev/pts/0, 101, 5) failed: Operation not permitted
debug1: do_cleanup
debug1: session_pty_cleanup: session 0 release /var/dev/pts/0
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