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Originally Posted by Buggins View Post
Support of these rendering options is non trivial (except small-caps).
It will be implemented, but not in nearest future.
(I can implement small-caps, if it's useful).
I hope at least "float:left/right" is implemented sooner than the others. It's so useful for dropcaps (with the combination of ":first-letter" maybe?) and floating pictures. small-caps can be useful in some cases like changing the way headings are shown at once instead of going through them individually and doing A<small>BCDEFG</small> things.

Originally Posted by Buggins View Post
Can embedded display of coverpages on full page replace this property?
You can see how it's done for FB2 book covers. I can enable the same for EPUB.
Is it something explained in using <coverpage> tags? Then wouldn't it make the cover page show twice because most ebooks have cover page included as the first page already?

However, it sounds like a neater and ideal solution to automatically detect cover page (which Cool Reader already does) and show it in full screen (ignoring margin settings) as the first page. If it Cool Reader can automatically skip the first <itemref> in the <spine> tag that has string "cover" in the idref, it would be perfect.

Still, there are some pictures that should fill up the entire page, automatically scaling up/down. I thought something like "<img alt="" height="100%" src="../Images/cover.png" />" would work with page break before and after, but it looks scaling up does not work.

Some bugs I encountered so far:

1. Margin property of h1 tag doesn't work. The other properties in that rule work though.

2. CSS rules having plus like "p+p {text-indent:1em;}" do not work at the very first time when a file is open. It somehow needs to be 'refreshed' to make it work properly like by changing the font size.

3. Selecting multiple CSS rules like "<div class="a b">...</div>" does not work.

4. It's mentioned before, but when there is a comment in CSS files, the very first rule right after the comment does not work.

5. There is no way to remove borders of tables. Also, when a table cell has only an image in it, it's treated as if there is nothing inside, and the cell is shrunk to minimum width, showing the image tiny. (I was trying to use tables as an alternative to display:inline-block.)

6. Also mentioned before, but in NOOK Simple Touch (or maybe in most E-ink based readers), dividing lines in the file/book browser, option menus, table of contents, ... are missing.

Some features I think is useful

1. It would be good to have "go to the first/last page" in the Go to menu.

2. It would be good if there is a way to customize what to show in file/book browser like the way title bar works. I think it's neat to show only title, author, and coverpage.

3. It would be good to be able to switch between simple view and cover page view in the file/book browser without going to the option menu. A toggle button on the top-right corner I guess will do the job. Just like that cover page image size can be changed too.

4. It would be good to have something like "icon view" in file/book browser, just showing cover pages and directories as icons. Currently, with small cover page size, my Nook shows seven items in the list. Icon view will show a lot more books with bigger size cover page images.

All in all, Cool Reader is one of the greatest app I have seen. This is the reason I bought Nook in the first place, and I hope the support continues to be stellar. Thank you very much for your effort.
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