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Building pbtk/pi

Hi yuryfdr,

 to build sigc++ you need execute next commands in terminal:
./configure --host=arm-none-linux-gnueabi \
--prefix=/usr/local/pocketbook_eabi/ --target=arm-none-linux-gnueabi\
--build=i686-pc-linux-gnu --enable-static --disable-shared


make install
Wow, that was really not self-explaining to me !
It finally worked, after
  • installing "M4"
  • removing the "--host=arm-none-linux-gnueabi" -tag (that was adviced to me by the configure script)
  • installing "gif_lib.h"
  • adding environment variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH pointing to the folder where "sigc++-2.0.pc" is inside.

I got it buit, but heavens- what a work. It took me hours. (of course that's not your fault, it's my low-level knowledge in these things. I can write C++-programs, but i get totally lost in this tricky library matters.)

I think it would be quite a help for other programmers, if your nice pbtk-library would not rely on sigc++ or if it would already contain the sigc++ binaries for arm, arm_eabi and emulator...

i use smart pointers to manage images in pbtk (not used in pi but in pbqsp)
as concern boost only inline classes can be used without crosscompiling boost libraries.
"std::auto_ptr" does not work, because you put image pointers into an STL- container, i guess?
I read, that in current C++ standard "C++11" the shared_ptr template class is defined in "<memory>, that is OK for STL-storage.
But i guess, we have an older C++ standard on our PBSDK, so that we can not use it, right?

If we need boost for the "shared_ptr" for pbtk, i would like to use some other boost-library functions as well, thanks for the hint, that only inline-classes are possible. I again guess, that this is because they will then be compiled by the arm-linux-gnu-eabi crosscompiler, that also compiles my user program, and do not rely on ready-built "'s", right?
Have you already done a cross-compilation for the whole boost-lib?

Anyway - many, many thanks for your apps, your sources and libraries and your helpful hints.

My new program is a guitar songbook, that renders song files in chordpro semantic (chords like [Am] include in the lyrics).
It already works on emulator.
I want to use your pbtk to make the file selection and dialogs.
I want to release that program here as a beta or at least a preview soon.
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